View of the Week: As Spring is In the Air & On the Eve of #Nowruz, A Journey to IRAN by ISA at Penn State University

We're at the dawn of another Spring before us that gives nature a chance to renew itself.    In Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and other parts of the World, this the mark of the New Year.    We here @ #Outsiders wanted to share this "blast from the recent past" as we featured this beautiful Journey throughout Iran that as Iranians celebrate the advent of the New Year.   This clip depicts the beauty, majesty and diversity of a land and a people with a rich history and culture that spans some 6,000 years.    

Iranians have a saying:   May every day be a "NowRuz" (A New Day") and may every blessed day be full of joy, happiness and ever so successful.   We here @ #Outsiders wish a Happy Nowruz to all. 

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