On the US Political Scene: Cruz Makes it Official (& Other Thoughts)

The new week is before us and the US Political scene is about to get a lot more interesting as US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has made it officially official:  He's running for President.   He made the announcement on Twitter: 

There has been no secret of his plans--the only folks who did not know are probably the people who live deep in the Amazon.    There is one reality that was noted within the past hour on the "Social Grid":

He noted in his message that he wishes to earn the trust of the people.    It will be interesting to see how he would be doing it.     This is as there are a number of other leading players are also pounding the pavement aggressively:   Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.  

It is bound to get very interesting and ever so fun to comment on as we assess the candidates and what the so-called Mainstream Media (including Fox News) will be commenting on.    He was the talk of the "town" today as he gave his speech at Liberty University (and as Rand Paul Supporters were prominent with their Red Shirts).    Rand Paul is gearing up for his "big annouement" on April 7.

Here is a sampling of the coverage on the "right" and the "left":

Ted Cruz Appeals to Liberty at Start of 2016 Race for President

News: The Texas Republican announced his candidacy to a friendly crowd at Liberty University, seeking to rally "courageous conservatives."

MARCH 23, 2015
Ted Cruz is Running For President. Here Are the Crazy Things He Believes
Today Sen. Ted Cruz (R, Texas) announced the he will run for president, making him the first major candidate to announce for 2016. Here are some of the crazy things Ted Cruz believes.
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