On the Latest On #IranTalks: Brief Late Breaking Comments

Over the past number of hours, we have been assessing the state of the deal as Iran along with the P5+1 have continued their work.   As we write this, they all took the night off to get some rest as The French Foreign Minister left for Paris to attend a Cabinet Meeting.   Dr. Zarif, The Iranian Foreign Minister, said that they will begin drafting the agreement later on Wednesday as the White House noted that due to the substantive progress made, they would extend talks by One Day.   The Russian Foreign Mniister was the first to say there was a deal--although a Senior US Official denied it and said there are still gaps remaining.      Trita Parsi of +NIAC also sent this out and released this also to Facebook as well: 

 We have a breakthrough! All the details are not yet known, but I'm told here in Switzerland that there is agreement on the principles, and the negotiators will begin drafting the text ...  I just wanted to tell you myself as quickly as we found out.
Stay tuned - we will give you a full update soon.

It is clear that there seems to be a deal.   But opposition continues to build as eptiomized by what Senator Tom Cotton just noted and reported by the Hill: 

"Given the dangerous concessions by the Obama administration over the past week, one can only imagine what further concessions it will make in the next 24 hours to resolve these issues."
Posted by The Hill on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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