Notations On World: Distressing Days For Freedom (A Challenging 24 Hours...)

Crowds gather for the rally - 1 March

It has been another challenging and distressing 24 hours in our World.   Democracy's retreat seems to be evident everywhere as epitomized by the assassination of the Russian Opposition leader Boris Nemstov.   Ten of thousands marched in Moscow today to remember this fallen hero,   The banners read, "...."Heroes don't die" and "These bullets are for each one of us"".     Vladimir Putin has vowed to bring the culprits to Justice.     As we here @ #Outsiders assessed, we found it especially interesting that pro Kremlin groups had said they would not disrupt this march that was approved by Moscow City Authorities.      One could not help but wonder whether this would be the spark for true change in Russia?

Beyond Russia, there is Egypt.      We have commented on the plight of Democracy Activits in Egypt as they continue to receive the wrath of the State under Sisi such as Alaa Abdel Fattah.   .    It was telling that his Aunt noted how the family was happy that he was imprisoned and not shot as it appears that Egyptians are not as keen anymore to remember all who stepped up to get rid of a King-President to be replaced by another:

Facebook: Free Alaa drawing from Free Alaa page on facebook

Iran is also just as challenging as we just saw reports that a labor Activist, Jamil Mohammadi, has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years in Prison for having been the lead organizer for a 40,000-strong petition protesting the plight of the workers in Iran today,   We have also just received reports of silent protests throughout Iran on the new budget by Teachers as exemplified by these images just received by the #Outsider team:


Challenging times indeed....

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