Notations on Our World (II) : The View From Israel on #Netanyahu, #AIPAC & the Future

As the pivotal speech draws near, it was interesting how the Israeli PM professed respect for President Obama as a new development ensued about 10 US Senators having a new "law" introduced that gives them "veto power" over any nuclear deal.    It is also striking how this very perceptive column by   underscores the long-term challenge posted by this move by the Israeli Prime Minister.   The President has said he would veto the legislation--and it has been prominently noted in Iranian Media.   Furthermore, the Iranian Foreign Minister has noted that the efforts by Israel's Prime Minister will have no effect on the potential for a deal to be arrived at as Haaretz again reported that Iran's offer to cut Centrifuges has led to further progress in Talks.   

There is also a concerted grass roots effort to oppose this spreaheaded by +J Street and the National Iranian American Council--although the forces of opposition to the agreement is ever so strong as well.   This is compelling reading that all in Israel have to take notice of.   When Israel loses someone like Robert Kagan, it has profound challenge before it--this is as polls in Israel continue to be all over the map on who will actually prevail:  

The real drama isn’t Netanyahu in Congress, it’s Susan Rice, 'the gladiator' in AIPAC’s lion den - West of Eden - Israel News | Haaretz

It will be a challenge to achieve a deal especially as the Rouhani Government continues to fight rear guard action against the so-called conservatives.     Reports just were received about the potential impeachment of another one of Rouhani's Ministers that has been sent to the Parliament (Majlis).  

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