Notations On Our World: On #Israel; #IranTalks & #Nowruz

Spring is in the Air!!   We wanted to begin this edition of "Notations On Our World" by expressing a early Happy Spring with this beautiful image of what is called a "Haft Sin" which is a Persian Tradition that goes back Thousands of Years that epitomizes Hope, light and a sense of renewal.  It is ever so in the spirit as we are seeing change before us in Israel and as we have seen some good news coming out of the Iran Talks.

The soap opera in Israel continues to fascinate as exemplified by this reported by +Haaretz הארΧ₯ and released by our team over Twitter earlier today:

The Week-End saw a major Right Wing Rally at which the Israeli Prime Minister warned of a "left-wing" Government and again came out today saying that no State of Palestine will be established under his watch:

The reaction of our team here was simple:   Really/   Please tell the World something we did not know.      The "Bibi Fatigue" is becoming ever more on the eve of the elections tomorrow.    Unless something dramatic happens, it appears that Isaac Herzog will be given the nod by President Rivlin to form the next Government.   Some of the more fringe elements (including Avigdor Libereman's Party) will be "wiped off".   The question is now the Peace Process and whether it can be resurrected.  What has been striking is how everything has been quiet in the territories--including how Hezbollah has been behaving itself.    But the State of Israeli Politics is ever so tangled as underscored by this from the Economist of London:

As the World awaits Israel's election, there is the other major development going on--Talks with Iran.  We have been assessing it hour and by hour and all reporting reviewed to date underscores a continued sense of hope that a deal can be reached as we noted earlier on Twitter:

It was also gratifying to see the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, having fun on a bike ride in Lausanne  as Dr. Zarif went off to Brussels to see the High Representative for the European Commission.     Iran confronted the US on the #GOP Letter and it appears that the answers they got was good enough--as Steve Clements of the Atlantic and Quartz recently noted, the Old Iran would have just walked away.,   Khameini correctly noted that there has been an implosion in US poitical discourse--but he also reiterated his commitment--and if that commitment and support was not there, Dr. Zarif would not continue his efforts.  The dead-enders in Tehran, though, will be hard at work as epitomized by the hardline Keyhan editorial noting that a deal will be impossible--which was reinforced in a forceful way by the #GOP letter.      The internal political dynamics in Iran is also in quite a flux as well as the Son of Former President Rafsanjani was sentenced to 15 years in Prison.

As he Iranian New Year (Nowroz)  is before us,  We here @ #Outsiders continue to remain hopeful--for the sake of the Region and the World.   Bringing Iran from the Cold can be a gane changer because Iran can be the pivotal player to go beyond the current stalemate in Syria.   The Sunday edition of the New York Times laid out the tragic stark realities:

This is as Iran is playing a pivotal role in the fight against Dayesh as well with General Soleimani being at the forefront of the fight--and Saudi Arabia is not pleased based on the comments underscored by Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia.   

Iranians have a saying on the occasion of the New Year (Nowroz) that says that may every day be a new day, may the days be ever so successful and may all be ever so successful.  As we look to spring, we here @ #Outsiders join in this sentiment as continue to remain hopeful despite the challenges that continue to be before us.

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