Notations On Our World: On Israel, Iran & The US...Some Brief Late Breaking Developments

Within the past 30 minutes, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Israel spied on US talks with Iran.     This is as The Israeli Prime Minister had begun a campaign in conjunction with the US Speaker of the House for the speech.     This is also as Israel dispatched a delegation to France to meet with French Officials to try and scuttle the pending deal that seems as close as ever.  

Senator McCain had noted that President Obama should "Chill".     It would be quite interesting to see if Senator McCain was in the White House, what would his reaction be to what Israel had done.    It also appears that the Israeli Prime Minister understood the extent of his divisive rhetoric as he apologized for his remark:

It worked, though by switching the votes at the end.   This is as he has also said now he still supports a two-state solution after having said he does not anymore.      Haaretz asked a very perceptive question: "..The sincerity of the prime minister's gesture will be tested by his actions in the upcoming term: Will he allow anti-democratic legislation, or try to treat 20 percent of the population as equals?".      It was also telling that one of the leading lights of American Politics, James Baker, came out swinging against The Israeli Prime Minister:


Challenging Times.....

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