Notations On Our World: Briefly on the US Political Scene As #POTUS Elections Begin....

On the eve of the new Quarter, we here @ #Outsiders wanted to comment briefly on the US Political Scene as America begins another Presidential Election Season.

US Senator +Ted Cruz was the first candidate to announce.  He spoke at Liberty University and underscored his vision of where he wished to take America.   He reflected upon abolishing the IRS, rejecting Obamacare and unequivocal support for Israel.   His interesting and sophisticated online campaign raised 2 Million Dollars which is a precursor to a very sophisticated Social Media Effort with a psychographic customers targeting 17 different advertising messages and a concerted data analytic s effort.    Based on the reporting and commentary we reviewed, he is aiming to raise about 50 Million Dollars within the next 12 months as the campaign truly begins.   It was quite striking that he said it is up to the People of Israel to decide the fate of a Two State Solution--as the Speaker is about to embark on a trip to Israel, as the new Israeli Parliament has conveyed and as a Senate Delegation just left Israel.    It is striking that the comments by Senator Cruz is similar to what Iran's Supreme Guide, Ayatollah Khameini has noted in this regard.

Other Republicans have not been sitting idly by.   Jeb Bush is in Southern California this week as a private fundraiser in Bel Air.    The price of admission is $ 100,000 per couple.    Marco Rubio of Florida is slated to announce along with Rand Paul as well.     There is also the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal who has been hard at work.  He latest pronouncements as noted in his "Team Jindal" outreach was quite interesting:
  • Governor Jindal Criticized President Obama's Administration For Dismissing Iranian Leaders Who Yell "Death To America," While Refusing To Sit Down With Our Long-Time Ally Israel.Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal released a statement Tuesday blasting President Obama as an "inept commander in chief. Jindal, who may run for the GOP nomination for president, criticized Obama's willingness to dismiss the Iranian supreme leader's "death to America" exhortations as "political rhetoric" while publicly criticizing the campaign rhetoric of Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. "I realize President Obama is accustomed to misleading the voters, but he shouldn't assume Middle Eastern tyrants use words as loosely as he does. He's acting like this is no different than 'if you like your health care plan you can keep it,'" said Jindal in his statement. "At the same time, the President and his minions are becoming more and more hostile to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel. The White House Chief of Staff is now saying they cannot 'simply pretend' that comments the Prime Minister of Israel clarified never happened. Jindal continued: ""How did we get to a point where the White House believes the Iranian Supreme Leader's comments about 'death to America' are just political rhetoric, and we don't take the word of the leader of one of our strongest allies?"
We look forward to sharing their ideas and reflecting upon them over the ensuing weeks and months.   

 The business of Government, though continues  as #Iran Talks go on and we're seeing reports that it may be extended through Wednesday for the Broad Framework as Israel continues its' very public campaign.   Russia's Foreign Minister has gone back to Switzerland .    Ever so Challenging Times....

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