Notations From the Grid: On #IS; #IranTalks & Other Brief Thoughts

One of the most perceptive observers of our time, Mehdi Hasan of +The Huffington Post UK  has written a very crucial and perceptive article on the true nature of the merchants of death of Dayesh (also known as IS/etc.) in the West for the +New Statesman of London.         As we here @ #Outsiders released it earlier to our Facebook Page, we wanted to release it here for reference:

It is a powerful read that would add to the narrative already prevalent amongst the observers of the World to counter the prevalent Islamphoia today that has also been led by the founder of +Zaytuna College , Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and the +Muslim Public Affairs Council .    It was also newsworthy to note a Story in yesterday's Washington Post about how Dayesh  is imploding from within--as it continues its' reign of terror and destruction.    This is as the aftermath of the letter on Iran continues to debated throughout the political circles.  Although it is interesting how the letter itself has been debunked, Senator Marco Rubio has doubled down by noting that  he would absolutely send another letter.  It will be interesting to see what his reaction would be if a Democratic Congress did this if he was President as the +Vox put together a nice overview of this for all to review.  

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