Notations From The Grid On #IranTalks: On the Direct Intervention by US Senators & Other Thoughts

47 United States Senators were signatories to a letter spearheaded by Freshman Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas directed at the Iranian Leadership as it advised the Iranian Leadership on what they perceived to be their "takeaway" on the intricacies of the US Constitutional Process.  This was the view from Israel as reported by +i24news EN :

It understandably ignited a firestorm on legal circles and within the Social Media Grid.   We here @ #Outsiders were quite intrigued and fascinated by the discourse.  One of the most poignant and perceptive rebuttals was drafted by Professor Jack Goldsmith of the Harvard Law School:

Of all the rebuttals and analysis, the Vice President's Statement was even more poignant:

It was also quite interesting how dismissive the response was from the Iranian Foreign Minister.  Dr. Zarif noted that he viewed it as nothing more than a publicity stunt to undermine the negotiations.  He also noted that if the Congress (as both the President and the Vice President noted) undermines this effort, it will hamper the effectiveness of future Presidents.   It is striking how this letter was spearheaded by a US Senator who is a graduate of Harvard Law School.     What is also even more ironic is how this letter echoes the exact sentiments by the hardliners in Tehran--the same hardliners who were admonished by President Rouhani last year when he told them they can "go to hell" for shivering over the pending nuclear deal.   President Rouhani also addressed the challenge yesterday as he spoke at a Martyrs' Conference in Tehran as he saluted what he called Iran's Soldiers of Diplomacy as Dr. Zarif looked on.    It is also noted that there are more US-Educated Ph.D's in President Rouhani's Cabinet than in the Adminstration--including Dr.Zarif who is a graduate of the University of Denver and the head of the Atomic Energy Agency, Dr. Salehi.  Dr. Salehi is a graduate of MIT.       

As the deadline looms large, It is even more ironic how Rouhani/Zarif in Tehran and Kerry/Obama in Washington are dealing with the same set of challenges.    

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