Notations From the Grid: The Aftermath of #NetanyahuSpeech//The View From #israel

As we here @ #Outsiders have been assessing the aftermath of the Israeli Prime Minister's speech, this by the Haaretz US Editor, @ChemiShalev laid out the stark realities which we were quite pleased to share on Twitter & Commend Mr. Shalev over twitter: 

Beyond the reality on the ground, Haaretz yet again thru this Editorial underscored the true realities that haunts Israel right now:

It was also quite telling that Tipzi Livni noted the profound  influence of Sheldon Addelson--the same Casino Billionaire who advocated dropping a nuclear bomb on Iran.     Meanwhile, the talks are continuing and many around the World remain ever so hopeful--and Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman dismissed his speech as "repetitive & boring" and part of the attempt to "side track" the talks.   One of the key headlines on the Farsi Version of Iran's News Agency is the statement from the White House that the President paid no attention to the speech--although reports are that he reviewed the transcript and was briefed--and he did comment on it during a photo op with the US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.   

What is clear is that beyond the Conservative Circles (as epitomized by Fox news) , The Israeli Prime Minister has a problem.    The people of Israel will have their say on March 17.   

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