An #Outsider Newsflash: On the Eve of the Speech By the Prime Minister of Israel

The Prime Minister of Israel is slated to speak tomorrow in Congress.    We have been asssessing who will and who will not attend the Speech as the Office of the Speaker announced earlier today the schedule at hand: 
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PM Netanyahu's Address: A Watch Guide

Tomorrow, at 11 a.m. ET, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will address a joint meeting of Congress.  
The address is an opportunity for you to hear from the leader one of our closest allies about the grave threats we face from radical Islam and Iran.  If you plan on watching, we invite you to tune in at speaker.gov/live.  
Watch Netanyahu's Address
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Here’s a quick primer on what you can expect tomorrow:
·       Speaker Boehner will welcome the Prime Minister to the Capitol by presenting him with a bust of Winston Churchill.  Netanyahu and Churchill are the only foreign leaders to address a joint meeting of Congress on three occasions.  A bust of Churchill can be found in the Capitol’sFreedom Foyer
·       After Speaker Boehner gavels the joint meeting to order, a number of dignitaries will be introduced before the Prime Minister, who will be accompanied by an escort committee made up of Republicans and Democrats.  
·       Prime Minister Netanyahu’s audience will include members of Congress from both parties, as well as guests in the gallery.  Speaker Boehner’s guests include former Speaker Newt Gingrichand Elie Wiesel, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and the Congressional Gold Medal. 
·       Given the ties between America and Israel, it’s no surprise that interest in attending the speech is high.  We’ve had 10 times the number of requests for tickets than there are seats available in the gallery.  In fact, demand is so overwhelming that both the House and Senate have set up separate viewing locations, which are also ticketed events. (Don’t worry, you don’t need a ticket to tune in at speaker.gov/live.)

We hope you plan on tuning in tomorrow at speaker.gov/live.  For now, here are some other ways you can watch and discuss the speech: ·       Sign up for e-mail updates to receive exclusive content about the speech.  ·       Follow Speaker Boehner on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more news and real-time updates. ·       Follow us on Flipboard to get the latest content about the speech on your mobile device.

As this was "Making the rounds", the Hill just reported on who is going to "skip the speech": 

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