Notations on Our World: On Yemen & The latest Dayesh Crime

Yemen is located in one of the most strategic parts of the World.  It one of the many "dominoes" in the aftermath of the Arab Spring that has for all intent and purpose become a failed State.  What was very disturbing was this report that underscored how the former President Saleh amassed a fortune of 60 Billion Dollars.  This is as Yemen is running out of Oil, has run out of Water and the ordinary faces of Yemen have no sense of hope.    

Beyond this shocking news, we were also witness to another horrific crime by the merchants of death of Dayesh (also known as IS in the West).  They destroyed artificats as old as 7th Century BC in the Mosul Museum because they say that they are "false prophets".     We have seen reports of infighting and divisions--and there was one scholar who said that this horrific act was to create a bit of a diversion.    We will continue to assess this daily as the apparent countdown to the invasion of Mosul is drawing near.

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