Notations On Our World: On The Savagery of Dayesh (#IS)

It is a distressing day yet again as we were yet again witness to the merchants of death  of Dayesh (also known as IS/Islamic State) as their latest act of brutality was reported by the World: 

The savagery of Dayesh  is beyond words.    The images of the Sister and the Wife of the pilot in anguish was heart-wrenching as captured by the BBC:

The wife (right) and sister (centre) of Moaz al-Kasasbeh protest in Amman, 28 January 

Jordan's King Abdullah is in Washington and is due to speak at any moment as he is cutting his visit short.     The mood in Jordan itself was captured by this perceptive Tweets which we here @ #Outsiders were privileged to share as well:

We here @ #Outsiders join all in expressing our profound condolences to the family of this hero pilot and the entire Jordanian Nation.      We've seen reports that some of the deathrow prisoners will be executed in retailiation.

We know his sacrifice and his family's sacrifice will not be in vain.   We are all Moaz al-Kasasbeh 
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