Notations On Our World: On the Earthquake in #India And the Future of the #Modi Juggernaut

It has been a fascinating 24 hours in India.   The ruling party, the BJP, was reduced to only 3 seats in the National Capital as the Congress Party was literally wiped off the map. The BJP pulled out all the stops in showcasing the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the entire Union Cabinet (Similar to what is referred to as in the Federal Cabinet in the United States).   We reviewed reports of BJP's supremo, Amith Shah, not happy as he oversaw his son's wedding.

NDTV's  Vikram Chandra noted that the entire opposition can travel in Delhi on a Rickshaw -what is the normal mode of transport in Delhi & we have noted one below for reference here: 

When the results in India were announced, the AAP leader, Mr. Kejriwal, said that the results were scary and told them not to get arrogant.   He is also slated to see the Indian Prime Minister later on and is slated to invite him to his swearing in along with Union Ministers and the Delhi Lokh Sabha   (Lower House of Parliament Delegation).   

From all the reporting we've reviewed here @ #outsiders, they won the old fashioned way:  They pounded the pavement and won fair and square.    This was underscored earlier when this was released: 

It was quite engaging and refreshing as the AAP leaders were on NDTV underscoring how they were different--the question is whether they can take what they have achieved in Delhi and take it to the next level.     The next immediate challenge is Bihar--the second most populous State in India which is about to hold elections which will also be fascinating to observe.
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