Notations From the Grid: On Press Freedom Around The World

We here @ #Outsiders were privileged as we added our voice to help with the case of the Al Jazeera Three.    It was wonderful news as an Egyptian Judge ordered the remaining two Al Jazeera Journalists released--Baher Mohammad on his own recognizance and Mohammad Fahmy by posting a security bond.

As we await the final dilemma of these two brave practitioners, it presents a broader challenge that the World continues to contend with.    Egypt has achieved its' objective as people are just simply afraid to report anymore and Al Jazeera had to shut down its' operations due to the continued repression that is ever so in Egypt today.    This very disturbing report we shared on Twitter (courtesy of the team @ +FRANCE 24 English ) is illustrative of this dilemma:

The United States has been ranked 49th.   
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