Notations From the "Grid": On the Latest on #FreeAJStaff & #Egypt

As we assessed the overnight developments, we saw this courtesy of the Independent of London:

It may well have been an agonizing decision by Mr. Fahmy-We believe that he can continue the fight in a more effective way by being out of Prison.  .   The Canadian Foreign Minister underscored this earlier.   However, Baher Mohammad's fate will continue to be unclear due to the fact that he does not have a Western Passport.   Sahar Aziz, the President of the Egyptian American Rule of Law Association, was ever so eloquent as she appeared on Al Jazeera underscoring the despicable state of Egypt's Judiciary.   One of the key things she  noted was that Egypt had already won by the concessions it had  gotten out of Qatar as Al Jazeera Mobasher was cut off.

As we await further developments, a bomb went off in Cairo and a number of bombs were discovered at Cairo Airport.   The insurgents are bringing the fight to the center of power in Egypt.  

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