Notations From the Grid: On Israel, Islam & All that "Jazz".....

The drama over The Prime Minister of Israel's pending speech before Congress continues.  Rumours have been circulating that he may cancel his speech.   He came out swinging noting that he would speak for all the Jews.  +J Street which we here @ #Outsiders are proud to support has begun a petition that our founder decided to add his name to:

What is also even more ironic is how he has attacked one of the leading newspapers in Israel over the questioning of his dealings (including the so called Bottlegate Affair) and now a new one--a $ 5200 Dinner Tab.    It was quite funny (but at the same time tragic) as this was reported on in +i24news EN earlier today and noted during the daily rounds "On the Grid":

The petty nature of this underscores a sense of desperation that apparently is before the Israeli Prime Minister.   The +Haaretz הארץ Amir Oren was ever so perceptive as he noted this recently.   All indications of his record leaves a lot to be desired as one recent statistic underscored how Israel is among the worst performing countries in the index of performance as noted by the Organization for Economc Cooperation & Development (OECD).    Beyond that, how the Arabs of Israel have been treated is even worst--which prompted a rebuke from President Rivlin.   It is also of profound concern how The US Congress and the Speaker of the House seem to have shown no regard.   It was poignant that President Obama noted if Angela Merkel was facing an election, she would not invited to the White House as they conferred over the War in Ukraine.   

It is fitting, though, to end this edition of "notations" with this from the New York Times:

It is a fabulous read that underscores how all must go "beyond the now" and go beyond the "noise".
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