Notations From the Grid On the Eve of a New Month: On the Sheer inhumanity of Dayesh

It is the dawn of a new month here in the #Outsider Network.   January is now history and it has been quite a challenging month.

We here @ #Outsiders were shocked beyond words by the cold-blooded murder of the Japanese Journalist Kenji Goto.    As we saw the reports over the "Grid", it was absolutely unbelievable as we noted this in our daily feed: 

The Daesh Gang had said at one time that they wanted to trade his life and the life of the Jordanian Pilot for the life of the convicted suicide bomber sitting in a Jordanian Prison.    The Government of Jordan had asked for proof of life before the release.  As in the case of the cold-blooded murder of all others so far, the Daesh Gang has shown that they have no regard for life.     The Prime Minister of Japan spoke for the World when he underscored his anger at this senseless murder.    Gandhi Ji reflected upon how forgiveness was the attribute of the strong--because the weak can never forgive.  However, those who have done this unspeakable crime who have not heard the pleas of a Mother, a Wife and understood that this man had nothing to do with Japanese Government Policy can never be forgiven.    

When one thinks Dayesh can't exceed the level of brutality and senseless act of purpose, this report shows the absolute lack of regard by Daesh:

How can one overcome such senselessness?  

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