Notations From the Grid: On the Arab Revolutions and The Fallen

While assessing the state of affairs "on the grid", we noted these which we wanted to note:

The historical context in which the transformation in societies has occurred is worth noting especially as we see the continued repression in Egypt.    Just today, another mass sentence was handed down by the so-called Judiciary in Egypt as some 230 people were sentenced to life in prison.  Among those receiving life sentences was the activist Ahmad Duma who had, among other things, actually welcomed the demise of the Muslim Brotherhood.   It is a loss to figure out how to explain this one.  

What was done by +Muslims For Progressive Values underscores the true voice of all who believe in peace and we decided to share this in today's edition of Notations from the Grid:

May the souls of all the fallen RIP, grant their families the strength and the solace to deal with their loss.     We shall overcome.   

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