Notations For the Week-End: On Quite a Challenge Week....

It has been a tough week in our World as the World has been witness yet again to the brutality of Dayesh (also known as IS) and the raging wars in Syria and Nigeria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that 210,000 people have died--that's almost 1% of the Syrian Population as noted by +i24news EN:    


It was a disturbing as we saw reports of Nigeria postponing Presidential Polls because troops are not available to protect polls as they are engaged in a fight with the Boko Haram.   It is quite ironic as we also reviewed reports on the missing $ 20 Billion in Nigeria as the Nigerian Army continues to suffer--despite being Africa's largest Economy.

We also were quite amused to see a report recently on +i24news EN on how ineffective John Kerry has been as Secretary of State.    No recent Secretary of State has had to deal with so much in his inbox as Secretary Kerry.    We hope to have comments on it soon:   He has been hardly back in the United States for Months and is in Munich right now.    What was reflected in the International New York Times does reflect this continued concern: 
As we reflected upon the ever so challenging World before us, we ran across this on the "GRID":
If anything, our hope is that #Outsiders can live up to this admonition.    

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