An #Outsider Newsflash: On Our World (Late Breaking Notations)

As we gear up for March here in #Outsider, we wanted to report on this very welcome development on the call by the imprisoned PKK leader in Turkey to end the 30-Year insurrection with Turkey:

It is always welcome when there are calls for peace with all the misery that the Middle East has been subjected to for so long.   It was also very welcome as we saw reports of Iraq's National Museum being officially re-opened by the Iraqi Prime Minister.     This is as the merchants of Death of Dayesh continue to suffer losses as they inflict so much misery as epitomized by the latest from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

These young souls the Kurdish People's Protection Unit and the Assyrian Christians have prevailed yet again as they took the town of Tal Halmis away from the Dayesh  thugs.  Yet, it is also very disturbing as we saw a leading opposition figure in Russia, Boris Nemtsov, was assassinated early this morning.   Vladimir Putin sent a telegram expressing his condolosecnes and promised a full investigation-as the continued slide into defacto Fascism in Russia continues.       

There is also some interesting news to report from India.   The Finance Minister, Arun Jaitely, has presented the first full budget of the Modi Government.   The one interesting feature we have noted here in #Outsider is the new Social Security Scheme.    It is clear that out of the BRICS Group, it is clear that India and China will be the senior partners in the group with all that has been going on in Brazil, the challenges in South Africa and Russia.

An ever so challenging World indeed......

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