An "Outsider" Newsflash: Jon Stewart Stepping Down

We @ #Outsiders saw the reports on Jon Stewart stepping down from his role as host of the  Daily Show on Comedy Central.   We here @ #Outsiders are a fan and have featured a number of his clips throughout our "#Notations".      He has been an inspiration for us in many ways and helped to inspire guys like Bassam Yousef and others over the ensuing years.  We also were ever so impressed with his work in Rosewater.  Even though it did not gain traction for the Oscars, the story was powerful in underscoring the War against Journalism that he ever so valiantly defended.    We will have more to say on it here in #Outsiders soon.

In tribute to him and his friend (whose program is banned in Egypt), we feature this clip that we believe underscores how the true realities are ever so.   

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