Notations On Our World Today: On the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

It was ever so moving as our World was witness to remembering the martyrs of Auschwitz and the powerful clip by Stephen Spielberg was shown that reminded us all as we here @ outsiders assessed our World on the "Daily Run on the Grid":

There was one poignant call to action from one of the Survivors: "...We don't want our Past to be our Children's Future...".       Although the survivors will not be with us, all of us have an obligation to insure that a sense of humanity and love will prevail ever more in our World.   It is not an easy thing as The World is witness to the brutality of War in Ukraine, the rise of Antisemitism yet again in Europe, Islam phobia in Europe and the United states and the brutality of Daesh/Dash (also referred to as IS/Islamic State in the Western Media) in Iraq and Afghanistan.      
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