Notations on Our World: On Today's Tragedy in France

It has been a tragic day in France today.    We here @ #Outsiders  join the World in underscoring this simple yet profound gesture to remember as thousands across France are demonstrating against the horrific attack earlier  as 10 Journalists and the 2 Police Officers assigned to protect the offices were gunned down:

We reviewed the Clip taken by an amateur photographer as a video clip was captured as these Killers got away.   They were well prepared.    Based on the accounts we reviewed, it was chilling how the killers called out the victims as they did and how totally professional they were in how they did it--including the precision in which they escaped after this attack.    

The fight for freedom of expression continues.  What was also sickening was how they justified their action in the name of faith.     It was ever so gratifying as condemnations across the spectrum have been swift.   This narrative courtesy of a leading Muslim Progressive Organization underscores the ludicrous and despicable nature of their justification for this evil act; 

Within the past hour, BBC interviewed  +Tariq Ramadan Chaine HD .   He's the grandson of the founder of Muslim Brotherhood and his unequivocal condemnation underscores the sense of revulsion  at what has happened throughout the Muslim World.  He reminded the World that these killers need to be reminded that the very legacy of the Prophet Mohammad is betrayed by this action.  What must also been underscored is that more Muslims have died and suffered at the hand of such merchants of death--including all that have died in Syria (some 200,000 to date), Iraq and Afghanistan.  

President Hollande has declared a National Day of Morning for tomorrow along with a minute of silence for the fallen.    A Truly challenging day in our World.....


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