Notations on Our World: On #SOTU , Yemen & Other Thoughts

The Annual State of the Union is to be delivered by President Obama tonight.   The US Media is abuzz and is "Gearing up" for it with wall-to-wall coverage.    This is as the GOP is preparing for its' response by a number of emerging starts including a newly elected Senator from Iowa.

There are a number of interesting initiatives the President has proposed.      It will be interesting to see whether the GOP is receptive to such proposals.    The President has noted that this is the 4th Quarter for him--but it appears that he is bound to go out on a bang.  It will be on the White House Website when it begins @ http://www.whitehouse.gov/sotu   The view from the across the pond was also quite telling (and somewhat hopeful):

Hopefully this will be translated into concerte achievements and overcome the paralysis of the last number of years.   The President will be on the road later on and will be visiting India.    India is gearing up in a major way to host the President and the President will be treated to a private tour of the Taj Mahal.   We reported on it during the "Daily Run on the Grid" Earlier:

We have also been following the very worrisome developments in Yemen: 

The Shitte Rebels attacked the President's private home while he was inside.   As the Yemen drama is unfolding, there is the latest out of the Daesh merchants of death as they have demanded a $ 200 Million ransom from the Government of Japan or they will execute two Japanese hostages--and as Israel's latest foray into Syria resulted in a number of Hezbollah Commanders and an Iranian General being killed.    

Truly Challenging Times......

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