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We here @ Outsiders have been blown away by what Apple announced.     The latest quarter saw one of the current stalwarts of Technology Today blowing away every single conceivable record.  It sold a record-breaking 74.3 Million iPhone!!  This translated to over 34,000 iPhone per hour.  Part of it is explained by what has been happening in China.   An iPhone has been selling as high as $ 2100.   One further measure of the extent of Apple's achievement is this:

This Company Earns More Than India's Top 50

Read story: http://profit.ndtv.com/news/tech-media-telecom/article-decoded-apples-record-quarterly-profit-of-18-billion-735401

Beyond the iPhone success, we also are anxious about the advent of Apple Watch.  There is a ship date for it--and all indications we've see are that it is going to be a hit.    Beyond iPhone and Apple Watch, though, some of the other Apple Businesses seem to be either stuck in neutral or not making much headway.    The iPad business continues to be stuck in neutral.    It was quite stark as to how the Economist noted this as it said, "..they are doing business the old fashioned way".      Although the World seems to be "on board" with Apple, Apple needs to be beyond a one or two hit wonder while some of the other businesses.   We will be continuing to assess it here throughout Outsiders.

Facebook came out with earnings today.   It exceeded expectations--but spending is also counting.  It is continuing to trade at all time high and it underscores that some 1.39 BILLION People use Facebook daily.     What we found ever so ironic was how Samsung has stumbled as it has.    They have had a 27% drop in their quarterly income due to how they've stumbled in the Mobile Space.   

We have also been following the latest from two of the old stalwarths:  Yahoo & IBM.  Yahoo came out to announce that it was spinning off its' stake in Alibaba to a separate company.  There were some analysis that noted that Marissa Meyer would be losing her "Safety Net" when that in fact occurs as Yahoo tries to figure out where it fits in the changing landscape.    Alibaba itself is about to announce and interestingly enough has gotten into a war of words with a Chinese Regulator.    IBM is also on the horizon as it is about to go through a re-organization.  There were rumors of 100,000 Jobs going away--which was denied.   

As our "Virtual Run" continues, we leave all with this perceptive Thought courtesy of +Jonathan Huie : 

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