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2015 has begun with continued challenges in Iran today.   We here @ #outsiders continue to be distributed by the continued detention of Jason Rezayian of the Washington Post.    We saw reports earlier earlier courtesy of the Washington Post that apparently he was finally charges after spending months in detention with no charge--and has had no contact with his lawyer.   This is also as the so-called conservatives have continued their onslaughts on Hassan Rouhani's Agenda.   The precarious conditions in the Country continues to be exasperated by the collapse in the price of Oil.  We have reports of workers not being paid for months.

As the economic challenges in the Country continues, the corruption challenge continues ever so.   Rouhani himself came out and noted how the power of one key institution was the driving force behind corruption.   He noted that if such power was given to two of the Prophet's early disciples, Abouzar and Salman, they would also be corrupt as well.    The Farsi service of  Voice of America had a recent interview about a leading dissident, Akbar Ganji, reflected upon the continued corruption within the ranks of the Clergy in the country that was documented by a leading theologian, Ayatollah Motahari, who was assassinated early during the Iranian Revolution.     This is as one of the leading reformers, his son Ali, has been under attack in the Iranian Parliament by the so-called conservatives in Parliament and the Acting Speaker ended up cutting him off as he was speaking up against the continued detention of the leading opposition figures Mir  Hussein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi.    There have been calls for the two to be put in trial and executed by having led what they say is the failed coup of 2009.

Rouhani, to his credit, is at least speaking out even though he has to thread lightly as apparently conservatives are slated to be on the ascendancy yet again during the mid-term elections of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis).   But things are changing faster than The Government can keep up.    One indication of it was the brilliant talk given by Professor Milani at Ted.   He captured the paradox of being Persian in his beautiful yet direct view and he underscored how the West has been influenced by Iranian thought. It is a land to be ever so beautiful to be interested in as the simple clip released earlier.    The Economist noted this ever so brilliantly as always:

This beautiful story by a reporter of France24 is ever so telling as well as the Young are rebelling--please note the key player in this report and see how he has evolved:

Challenges abound--but the change is fascinating to watch and be witness to history.

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