Notations on Our World: On Davos 2015 & Beyond

Davos 2015 came to a close. 2500 of the elite were there. They include Princes, CEO's and other leading lights of our World. They flew in some 1700 Private Jets as they reflected upon a World that is becoming ever so challenging. This "Cute" Rebuttal On Davos underscores the myth vs. the reality that's out there right now. One indication of the pendulum shift is Greece as it just voted in a Left-Wing Party that has vowed to end Greece's era of austerity. As the reality check (courtesy of UK"s Global Justice is noted), it was striking how the head of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) underscored how IMF is shifting emphasis to focus on inequality--and yes even the Republican Party in the United States seems to be understanding it--although the current GOP leadership seems not to think so as it is balking at proposals by the President addressing this issue. This reality check is stunning:

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