Notations On Our World: From the Grid This Morning On France & the Latest From Charlie Hebdo.....

As we were all Witness to history, some of the true realities are starting to settle in--and ever so brilliantly noted by the FT Correposdent for the Middle East, +Borzou Daragahi which was sent via twitter some 5K times (and we here @ Outsiders were also privileged to share):

This is as all who joined have a lot to answer to as well:

It was also quite disturbing how the Israeli Prime Minister disregarded the request of the French President not to come--as reported so ably by +Haaretz.com.   It was also even more striking that the highest US representative was the US Ambassador--and how Secretary Kerry justified it with commitments in India.   He was in Europe and could have delayed his departure--and even the Attorney General could not go because he was giving Media Interviews.    This is as we just reviewed reports on the US Central Command Twitter Account being hacked by those acting on behalf of Daesh (also known as ISIS/IS in the West).

Will France & the World Learn?  That's the ultimate challenge.....but Charlie Hebdo again made another gutsy move as reported by +i24news:

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