Notations From the Grid On Our World : On #Iran, #Syria, #Israel & Other Thoughts

It is the day after the State of the Union.   President Obama has gone to Idaho to make the case for his initiatives before heading off to India for India's Republic Day.   It appears that India has truly laid out quite a welcome for him:

What was surprising was an invitation by the Speaker of the House to the Prime Minister of Israel to come before the Congress to address "radical Islam" and the Iran Nuclear Threat.    The White House was understandbly irritated by this:

The President said that all options were on the table, but talking is better than shooting.   Yet, it is so unfortuante that someone who has done so much to undermine the Peace Process is being asked to speak before Congress.    This headline truly underscored the ironic nature of it all:

It is also quite unfortunate that the Republicans have elected to intervene in as overt a way as they have to support the Israeli Prime Minister's bid for re-election.    It is also not surprising that the Israeli Prime Minister has accepted this because he also snubbed the French President as he said he would go to Paris after the French President told him not to--based on some very telling reporting from Haaretz.   Iran, though, buried the General that was killed in the Israeli Drone strike inside Syria:

As we finished "going to press" here on this latest developments, we saw this :

Whether this scandal engulfes Ahmadinjead, the former President is another matter.  Although he may not spending a day in jail, the fact that this was headlined on IRNA, the Official Iranian Government News agency, is in and of itself huge.    Is this part of the subtle openness Rouhani has been pushing despite profound odds--as exemplified by the demand by the head of the Basij for an "apology" from Foreign Minister Zarif remains to be seen.

Interesting times.....

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