Notations From the Grid: On #Davos2015 , Iraq & Yemen

This is as there was yet another London Conference on Iraq and a lot of "Happy Talk"--as the Merchants of Death of Daesh (known in Western Media as IS/ISIL) continue to wreck havoc on the innocent.   What was striking also was how there continues to be a tacit acknowledgment yet again that Iraq has to be rebuilt.     It was ever so gratifying to hear the US Secretary of State refer to them as Daesh as he spoke in London after the meeting with the British Foreign Secretary and the Iraqi Prime Minister..

As we went to press with this latest edition of "Notations from the Grid", we saw this on the Al Arabeya Twitter feed:

The Huthis in Yemen seem to have prevailed--and Al Qaeda will further make inroads as this power vacuum develops--which wrecks the policy considerations by the United States and Saudi Arabia.

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