Notations for The Week-End: On #2014, #2015 & the Challenging Year Ahead

As the first week-end of 2015 is slowly dusting away into history,   our friends @ +TakePart reminded us of what 2014 was like and what to expect in 2015.   We wanted to share excepts of their "newsflash" as we finalize our first Notations for the Week-End for 2015:

We here @ #Outsiders have been assessing a number of these key issues and will have commentary on it soon.  We have been privileged in having added our voice, for instance to the injustice done to the three Al Jazeera Journalists who have just spent over 1 year in Prison.     We have also been assessing the moves by Palestine as it works to somehow assert itself and the counter moves by Israel--epitomized by the freeze of over 100 Million Dollars in Tax Receipts as punishment for having signed the Rome Treaty which is the first step in eventual ascention to the International Criminal Court.     

Beyond the possibilities, there is also some key interesting ideas that our friends @  +Fast Company also noted in their recent daily outreach to insure that all have a productive and engaging 2015:

JANUARY 2, 2015

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As we remain hopeful, we are also listening to the latest BBC News broadcast on the predicament in Europe as the Euro is under strain on the threat of Greece.    We have also reviewed reports from Nigeria on the latest attacks by Boko Haram which continues to pose a profound challenge to Africa's biggest Economy.  

It is bound to be a challenging and tumultuous 2015.    
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