Notations For the Week-End (II): On the Eve of the March for Unity in #Paris

On the eve of the March for Unity in Paris, we here @ #Outsiders continue to be amazed at the stories of courage in the midst of such horror.   The last reports we've reviewed note that hundreds of thousands will join the call by the French Government to march in Paris--as marches have continued throughout France.     

This from the Guardian of London said it all:

It was unfortunate how News Corp. Supremo, Rupert Murdoch, jumped into the fray as he did and was offended when many took exception to his call for all Muslims to apologize with this tweet:


& then went on to say this:

A clip of the Mehdi Hassan clip was sent to his Twitter Account which we noted here earler in our Daily Write-ups.     It is our hope that his staff will make sure he sees it.   It was also amazing to see how one of his employees, Sean Hannity, hosted a "Audience special" of his show on Fox.   He was "Outraged" at the silence of the American Imams.   A link from the +Muslim Public Affairs Council was sent to his Twitter Account--hopefully those on his staff who monitor it will insure he sees it.   Rupert Murdoch noted when the scandal engulfed his newpaper properites that those who worked for him practiced, "Lazy Journalism".  It seems as if he needs to remind his crew at Fox on it.  What is unfortunate is how such leaders seem not to realize the sense of responsibility.    This was also shared on Twitter as well--a plea from the Martyred Muslim Police Officer which spoke volumes :

At last reports, 40 heads of State and Government--including the King and Queen of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Israel, the President of Palestine, The Prime Minister of Turkey, The Chancellor of Germany, the UK Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Spain along with the President of the European Union and the Prime Minister of Italy--are joining this march.    France, though, has tough questions it has to confront and this underscores it:   

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