Notations for the Week-End (II): Missing #Madiba On this Tragic Day

As the shock of the senseless brutality of the latest Dayesh (also known as IS/Islamic State) continues to be before us, our thoughts this week-end drifted away to #Madiba.     In researching to share a clip for a comment we wanted to share on Facebook earlier,  we ran across this: 

The humanity, broad vision and understanding of this man is ever so evident as all who tried to question his humanity and sense of purpose were addressed in such a beautiful way.  We could not help but wonder what Madiba would say if he was witness to such viciousness that defies a simple sense of humanity.    One leading Nasa Scientist was even more brutal:  How Humanity is ever so brutal on the "little piece of dust" that is Earth.

Oh how such beautiful souls are missed today as the World burns......
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