Winding Down #2014: Our #Outsider Person of the Year :-)

As we wind down #2014 here in #outsders, we decided to introduce a feature as well in the tradition that Time Magazine started.   We noted here how we were so gratified by the choice made by Time.  Yet, there are those who are there that in our view have made a profound difference and we hereby designate as Outsider Person of the Year for 2014:   Pope Francis.

One indication of his profound legacy was noted in our Twitter Feed earlier:

As a measure of his impact, we hope all enjoy his 10 Secrets to Happiness:

  • Live & Let Live
  • Be Giving of yourself to others
  • Proceed Calmly
  • Develop a healthy sense of leisure
  • Make Sunday A Holy Day
  • Create Jobs for Young People
  • Respect & Take Care of Nature
  • Stop Being Negative
  • Respect others Beliefs
  • Work Peace
These are admonitions that are ever so crucial for us all.     

Onward and Upward towards the new year....

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