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Israel is headed for elections.    We here @ #Outsiders caught excepts of the the Israeli Minister's Statement on his rationale for the elections and commented on it earlier on:

It was amusing how Lucy Aharish sarcastically noted about the "House of Fun" that Israel has become.   As the discourse continued and the Prime Minister accused Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid of a defacto "Coup", he went on to note why he think he's the best man to lead Israel again.   It was ever so a mirror image of the discourse in the United States.   Some noted how The Israeli Prime Minister was a bit nervous--couldn't agree more in this regard.   It is quite shocking though as the fundemental challenges facing Israel are being ignored and how the politics of blame, shame and fear seems to be the order of the day in Israel right now.

As Israel enters elections season, the polls are not looking good for the Centrists (Lapid/Livni).   Beyond Israel, though, there is Syria and this latest tragedy is ever so disconcerting as the fire in Syria rages on and on: 

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UN cuts food aid to 1.7 million refugees from Syria f24.my/1y8V89Lpic.twitter.com/uzrE2yHuJB
06:53 AM - 02 Dec 14

As we went to press, we also saw reports of the Leader of Dayesh (also referred to as Islamic State) being detained by the Lebanese Army along with his child.   It may well show how he is under pressure to have sent his family out.    

Challenging Times....
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