Notations on Our World (12/14/2014) : On the Hostage Situation in #Australia & The Fight against the Media in #Turkey

As a new week dawns in #Outsiders, we have been assessing troubling developments around the World over the past number of hours.  The latest one is coming in from Sydney Australia:

Hostages are being kept at Martin' Place in Sydney and as we're going to press, BBC World News has live coverage of the event which is quite disturbing.     Although the apparent initial reports of the flag of Daesh (also known as the Islamic State or ISIS) is turning out to be denied,  Australia seems to have been aware of the impending threat as it carried out raids throughout Australia.    It is an on-going development and the Opera House in Sydney has also been evacuated due to a suspicious package.   

As the World is witness to this hostage crisis, there is another disturbing development in Turkey that was noted earlier:

This is another profound disturbing development as a Free Press is under attack in Turkey as the Turkish President becomes ever so paranoid and as the Syrian Inferno burns ever more.  Although it is a welcome development to have had the European Union Foreign Affairs Chief lead the criticism, it seems to have no effect on how the Government of Turkey will deal with the challenges at hand.

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