Notations For the Week-End (II): On Politics, Climate Change & What We can Do

It is election eve in the United States.   It was timely as TED curated a series of talks to underscore a sense of faith that can be restarted in politics.   It was also a disturbing 24 hours as the IPCC came out with its' stark warning that time was running out for Mother Earth.    Will faith be restored in politics after November 4?   Will leaders have the wisdom to overcome petty differences for peace in the Middle East as Secretary Kerry goes back to the Middle East yet again?  Will the leaders embrace and realize the reality at hand so that we as humans won't have to deal with this: https://interstellar.withgoogle.com/?

Stark choices....

Talks to restore your faith in politics

Modern politics turns you off? Here’s how to reconnect — and take charge of your world. Watch »
8 TED Talks • Total run time 1:54:24 

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