On This Veterans Day in the United States...and Armistice Day Around the World...

The World is  remembering  the fallen.   Scenes from France was quite moving as France unveiled a a " Ring of Remembrance” by architect Philippe Prost that has the name of  579,606 soldiers from around the world who died between 1914 and 1918.   As reported by France 24, "..A majority of the names – 241,214 – are British, alongside the 173,876 German names and 106,012 French...."  It is so simple & yet so beautiful a tribute to the sacrifice as the names are listed in alphabetical order with no regard to where they were from to underscore a sense of unity: 

The elliptical war memorial at Notre Dame de Lorette, engraved with the names of the 580,000 men who died in northern France during the First World War, in Ablain-Saint-Nazaire.

Photo Source;  The Daily Telegraph/Reuters

Among the countries who celebrate this day, Australia did as well as it remembered the fallen.   Over 102,000 Australians have fallen in wars throughout the World.     In Britain, the Queen led  the Nation as the fallen are remembered with 800,000 celebratory ceramic poppie.    Everything came to a halt at 11 AM Local time to remember that day as Military cadet Harry Hayes was given the distinct honor of placing the last poppy at the Tower of London installation:  

Military cadet Harry Alexander Hayes places the last ceramic poppy in the moat of the Tower of London to mark Armistice Day on 11 November 2014 .
Photo Source; The BBC

As the World remembers, conflicts rage on throughout the World.   It was with great interest how we here at #Outsiders ran across the work by Team Rubicon who have worked to leverage their expertise learnt in conflict to help make a difference.   We hope to feature such stories throughout our Work in #Outsiders over the course of the ensuing months.

We conclude with this beautiful tribute to the Veterans of the United States and yes the World-we must never forget: 

“To The Veterans
of the United States of America

Thank you,
for the cost you paid for our freedom,
thank you
for the freedom to live in safety
and pursue happiness,
for freedom of speech,
and for all the freedoms
that we daily take for granted.”

~ Sara Niles
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