On an Ever So Challenging Time In the Middle East: On #Iran, #Egypt & #Syria

This has been another challenging Week-End yet again.    Mubarak was acquitted of the charge of Murder in Egypt and there were celebrations--but also demonstrations: 

Such are the heroes as they somehow find the courage after 4 years and the brutal suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood to come out and protest.    This is as Egypt had a General assassinated in Cairo this past week and the insurgency in Sinai rages on with no end in sight.

Beyond Egypt, there is Syria.    Al Nusra is gaining, Dayesh (referred to as ISIS/Islamic State/Etc.) continues to grow despite US-Led airstrikes.    We have seen reports of Iraqi Forces supposedly gaining ground as reported by the Islamic Republic News Network.   In the meantime, Assad and his thugs continue the reign of terror as well.    This picture from AFP says it all: 

How such factions are getting their arms is one of the profound puzzles at hand.   They can't be getting them all from captured Iraqi and Syrian caches.   They can't just be getting them from Turkey.  Jordan's King has said that they have full control of the border.   The only avenue is Lebanon thru Hezbollah for the Syrian Army which Iran supports.   The question is Dayesh & Al Nusra.    The so-called Free Syrian Army is a non-entity which throws the policies of the Obama Administration into doubt.    Syria's Chief Patron, Iran, has run into own set of profound difficulties though as the Price of the Iranian Currency fell as the agreement extension came into being which will undermine Rohani's  Position.    Iran also has to deal with the total collapse of the price of oil.   Based on estimates available, Iran has to sell Oil at $ 130/Barrel to balance its' budget--and it is not even close.  

The Economic deprivation is set to continue as the region continues to grapple with the insurgency that has engulfed it.

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