On Another Challenging Day: Notations For the Day

As the drama over the Iran Nuclear Negotiations has continued, the "Social Grid" has been abuzz on the latest.     The official Iranian Media has been sounding optimistic, however the "buzz" is creating a different impression:

The heartbreaking news out of Nigeria has also been horrific as a school was attacked by a suicide bomber in the North Part of the country infested with the Boko Haram insurgency.    It was quite laughable how the Nigerian Federal Police Spokesman said how everything was OK as the BBC interviewed him earlier today.    The Nigerian Political Analyst who appeared later on underscored the deep level of anxiety as there are reports of Nigerian Soldiers who are running away as Boko Haram is winning and holding territory. The inaction by the Government of Nigeria is bordering on being criminal.   

Beyond Nigeria, there is Israel.    Israel continues to be faced with unrest.    Two young Israelis--a 26 year old woman and a 20-year Israeli Soldier--died from wounds suffered from a Palestinian attacker.        The latest unrest began when an Israeli Arab was allegedly killed by Israeli Police which has led to unrest.    Israeli Right wingers--let by the Foreign Minister of Israel--have noted that Israeli Arab citizenship must be revoked upon an establishment of an Palestinian state as others like Bennett are not even willing to accept that--and are calling for more building and more building.   

APEC, in the meantime, has begun and China is playing host to rivals in Beijing which included a handshake between the Japanese Prime Minister and the Chinese President and as all the leaders are sporting matching outfits despite all the fissures underneath:

World leaders in Beijing

In the midst of all the terrible news from Nigeria and Israel,  we here @ #outsiders wanted to report on this courtesy of the Business Insider Twitter Feed: 


Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the tragedy in Nigeria and Israel today.
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