Notations on Our World While On the Grid on #Nigeria & #Israel

It has been an ever so challenging week in our World as America celebrated Thanksgiving.   The need to give thanks is something that is ever so critical daily on a constant and consistent basis.     Our World is ever so challenging as the news of the horror in Kano, Nigeria underscores the challenge we face in our World:

It is absolutely horrific to have worshipers having been attacked at the Grand Mosque in Kano during Friday Prayers.   Boko Haram continues to attack at will with no apparent concerted response from the Government of Nigeria.   Nigeria matters because it is the largest economy in Africa and 10% of the current population of Africa.

As we have been witness to such carnage and horror, we are also witness to a potential election in the near term in Israel as the Israeli Foreign Minister came out with his so-called peace plan which was frankly a bit shocking: 
But it was also interesting that he also noted that Israel has no choice but to come to a territorial compromise with Palestine.   This is as Mahmoud Abbas has said he's ready to formalize the State of Palestine with the 22% of the land originally allocated to it.    The challenge is that Israel is moving to the right and the unfortunate  fascist tendencies is of concern.  What is hopeful in Israel is the vocal opposition to such moves and the new Jewish Nationality Law by President Rivlin and Former President Peres.   Current Polls show the current Israeli Prime Minister to be re-elected.   

Beyond the immediate, we've also been witness to an extension of the talks with Iran as Iran and the rest of the oil producing nations deal with a massive drop in the price of Crude Oil.      It will present a new challenging front in the ever shifting political landscape we're faced with.

Interesting times......

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