Notations On Our World: On the Struggle In Iran.....

The plight of Rohani's Government as it continues to deal with the economic challenges and the Foreign Policy challenges is ever so acute.    The Iranian Parliament has balked at Rohani's 4th Nominee to head the Science/Education Ministry which may apparently prompt Rouhani to trigger extra ordinary powers given to the Supreme Leader/Supreme Guide under the current Constitution.    He had appeared before Parliament to urge a vote of confidence noting that by quarreling, nothing can and will be solved.

What is quite interesting to observe is how the extent  of the effect the  Green Movement continues to be felt even today as such Ministers are accused of being part of the alleged coup in 2009.   The Paranoia is astonishing.    This is as two more of Rohani's Ministers have been summoned to Parliament to answer questions on how the "Zionist" Phillip Morris has been allowed to sell Cigarettes in the Country--as the Country's own Official Broadcaster had a special on the dangers of smoking recently .

It is interesting how to see both Obama and Rohani are in some ways kindred spirits:

«احتمال استفاده روحانی از حکم حکومتی برای وزارت علوم»
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