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Notations on Our World (II): On The UK As Countdown to the General Elections Begin....

As Elections loom, an apparent crucial by-election in the United Kingdom is at hand.  For the benefit of all in the United States and beyond, by-elections occur for Parliament Seats and their outcome are in many ways a referendum on the Sitting Government and Prime Minister.    According to a ruling Conservative Party source, the Conservatives are poised to lose this to the UK Independence Party that has been gaining inroads over the past year.    This is explaining the increased bellicose rhetoric coming out of the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary on Europe and how the UK may leave it.

But, the ruling Conservative/Liberal Democratic Coalition has a bigger problem on its' hand as noted in this front page on the Guardian of London this morning.      This is as the Labor Party and its' leader, Ed Miliband, are in the doldrums over their poll numbers.    It was no accident that the new leader of the Scottish National Party noted how they would hold the balance of power in London after the 2015 Election season:

It will be quite a show....
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