Notations On the Eve of The Week-End: On #Iran, #IranTalksVienna & #DiplomacyIsPersonal

We here @ #Outsiders have been continuing to monitor the talks in Vienna.   As reported by +i24News earlier this evening, there are comments attributed to US officials that ssignificantgaps remain and that the Secretary Kerry may propose another extension.    As the meetings are continuing, we were gratified to see the handshake between Dr. Zarif and Secretary Kerry as witnessed by Baroness Ashton who continues her role as the meditator despite no longer being the European Union Foreign Policy Chief.   We wanted this picture to be at hand (courtesy of the team at +i24News just in case some dead-enders in Tehran or Washington decided not to have it available .    Although the agreement is the first step, getting it through a hostile US Congress and going through the "worried" in Iran is a whole different matter.

It will be an interesting and challenging Week-End.  The team at the National Iranian American Council has undertaken a concerted effort to help push for an agreement which we here @ "outsiders' were happy to lend our support to with the hashtag #DiplomacyisPersonal that we had noted earlier. This Twitter feed was to help lend further support to Congressman Rohrbacher earlier tonight:

Despite the apparent low expectations, we here @ #Outsiders remain hopeful for a deal. It will be a welcome respite for a region in turmoil especially as we just reviewed late breaking reports of riots again breaking out in the occupied West Bank and as Syria and Iraq continue to burn.

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