Notations For the Weekend: On #India, #US & a sense of Hope

It is another week-end here in #outsiders.    The grid has been "abuzz" about all that has been going on with the leader of Dayesh (also known as the Islamic State or ISIS) being killed.    It is also quite extra ordinary as reports have been circulating around the World on a private letter by #POTUS (President of the United States) to Ayatollah Khameini of Iran and as stories have circulated to potentially prepare the public for a deal with Iran.

There is also of course, the US Elections.   We here @ #outsiders released insights on it earlier in the week.    The Democrats have noted that they would have a comprehensive review of the state of the party in lieu of the results.    The US Sunday Public Affair Shows will feature GOP Stalwarts who have been reaffirmed as stars as the Economist of London noted what is ahead:

The Economist print cover

It is also as the World has also celebrated another anniversary:   The Fall of the Berlin Wall as Europe continues to be ever so challenged on the Economic Front.   It is also interesting to note that Catalonia in Spain has gone ahead with an independence referendum as Ukraine continues to face unrest.   Halfway around the World, Indian Prime Minister Modi will be expanding his Cabinet as the so-called #Modi Wave continues non-stop in India.    NDTV of India had a very interesting program about what ails the Congress Party as it tries to come to grips with the aftermath of the #Modi Wave.   Even though Congress still rules in 11 States and received 106 Million Votes, it suffers from a crisis of confidence.   

The challenges being faced by the World has opened up the debate on the efficacy of Post-World War II institutions and whether they are effective enough in managing conflicts and challenges around the World today as epitomized by this seen on Twitter earlier today:

But this admonition of Brian Tracy holds ever so true that all should take stock off as they assess their World and the roadmap ahead:   

In some ways, it underscores what #Outsiders is dedicated to as it thinks about our World, assesses the best out there and hopefully reinforces a sense of hope and optimism.

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