Personal Notations From the "Grid": On the Eve of #Elections in the United States.....

It is Election Eve--I spent the day at a training/Debrief at the Orange County Registrar of Voters as I will serve as an Elections Coordinator...marvel at the wonderful team led by the pride of OC, @Neal Kelly, on the immense logistical feat before us (1135 Polling locations//thousands of poll worker volunteers//) All who's stepped to run must be commended for being brave and putting themselves out there...I especially wish my friends @Fred Minagar & @John Mark Jennings all the best as I had the pleasure to vote for both of them for Laguna Niguel City Council...notwithstanding what may happen on Nov. 4, a great place to be to be witness to Democracy in Action--As I wish all a fab Halloween W-End, I wish all a fab week..and urge all to vote if you haven't..and hope you all enjoy this "virtual token"  
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  • Mike Pouraryan ...and as we gear up for this exercise in Democracy in the United States, I again want to remember and honor all who strive for human rights and justice around the World including Souad Hamour Al-Shammary (who I just saw based on my review from Global Secular Humanist Movement &Muslims for Progressive Values) was arrested by Saudi Arabia for simply wanting women to be free & Alaa Abdel Fattah, 32 and his 20 year sister, Sanaa who I honored (and will continue to ) who are currently in detention in #Egyptand all others who are vying to be free....
We also wanted to share these resources courtesy of the team @ the National Priorities Project on the eve of the Elections.  We here @ "Outsiders" join the team @ the National Priorities Project to Urge all not to be a Pumpkin & Vote:

Dear mike,  

In honor of Halloween, and with Election Day just four days away, we bring you a "monster mash-up" of tools and resources to help you connect how hot-button federal budget and spending issues play into this election. Read up before you vote and share with your friends!

Return of the Living Deadline
On December 11, the bill Congress passed to fund the government will expire. That means that shortly after the election, lawmakers must find a way to continuing funding the government by this deadline, or the nation will be faced with a government shutdown. We've laid out what different groups in Congress and the President have said they would prioritize for future spending.

Election Day promises to be a nail-biter across the political spectrum, with several states seeing very close races. If you're in a swing state (or any state, really) and want an overview of the landscape before voting, find out how federal spending is already affecting your state using our new State Smart website.

It's Alive
Our live counter tracking how much we've spent to date on military action against ISIS quietly ticked past the $1 billion mark this week. If what we spend on war and military is important to you, check out our military and war voter's guides, too.

Frights & Fears
The government's handling of the Ebola scare has become an important issue this election. What has the U.S. spent fighting Ebola? It seems nobody really knows. One thing we do know: it's not a lot.

No Tricks, All Treat
For a one-stop bag of treats, visit our Voter's Guides to read up on 13 key election issues related to federal spending and revenue. We cover everything from debt and deficit to education to Social Security.
Don't Be a Pumpkin: Vote!
Don't forget to make time on Tuesday to vote. The new crop of legislators will be responsible for decisions that affect all of us, for building and maintaining public systems we all rely on every day, and for making investments that carry America firmly into the 21st century. Your vote counts. Find your polling place here.

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