On The "Prowl" Around Our World: A "Snapshot" 4 the Day

The War against Dayesh (Also known as ISIS/ISIL/IS) is gathering steam ever more.    Turkey has voted to join the fight.   This is as Canada has also decided to join the fight.   However,  The Liberal Party has spoken up against War:

This was quite striking as it was so striking how the "loyal opposition" in the United States did not speak up and anyone who spoke up against the War was literally branded a traitor.    What President Obama has noted, though, is that it is a local fight that has to be fought by local forces.   But, the reality is that the Iraqi Army is nearly non-existent and the ever insightful Borzou Darghani of the Financial Times clearly lays out the tragic dilemma being faced as the World tries to figure out a way to fight the menace before it:

Borzou was gracious-there is no Iraqi Army and there lies the challenge.     This is as reports came through that the British Humanitarian Alan Henning has shown to be murdered in cold blood by these sub-human mutants even after a plea from his Wife based on reports just reviewed from France24.

Beyond The Middle East, there is Brazil.   One of the so-called "BRICS", it has stumbled badly as it faces a pivotal election.   The President is facing a stiff challenge as Brazilians gear up to go to the polls.  We hope to have a sense of what has happened and what lies ahead soon.   This is as Hong Kong protests are continuing and a new order has been given by the Hong Kong Superintendent of Police to vacate the premises.    Apparently elements of the Triad (the Hong Kong Thugs) were tryin to stir up trouble and the Police noted that arrests have been made.   

On the environment front, It was with shock and disbelief as this was reported out by 350.org:

This is as West Virgina suffered profoundly not so long ago with areas as far as away as Ohio being impacted.   When will there be a move to go beyond Fossil Fuel is one of the burning questions before us.  But there was some good news:   248,000 Jobs were created in September and there is an upward revision of 148,000 for the month of August.   The "official U1 US unemployment Rate dropped below 6 Percent--with some forecasts noting that the U1 unemployment rate will drop to below 5 percent.     There is a participation rate challenge which is part of potential minefields before us--especially as the Federal Reserve begins scaling back quantitative easing. 

A Challenging World...Ever More.....

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