On the Dawn of the New Quarter in "Outsider ": Thoughts on #HongKong; #US & #Onward

It is the dawn of the New Quarter throughout Outsiders.  It has been quite a quarter and quite a year.

As we're going to "press" to launch the new quarter, we're witness to some beautiful scenes of defiance in Hong Kong.   The brave souls in Hong Kong are challenging  China--and many of us who were Tianmen continue to be amazed ever more.   One wonder what President XI and his team will do especially as they continue to also deal with raging insurgency in the Muslim areas of the Country and as Tibet continues to be ever so a thorn: 

A woman holds a placard at a large pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong (1 October 2014)

This is as the Kurds continue to stand up to the thugs of Dayesh (also known as #ISIS).  As work was being done here, reports also came out about one of the many hot spots around the World:  India and Pakistan.   India's NDTV reported on major ceasefire violations which continues to be cause for concern.   This is as Indian Prime Minister Modi finished off a Five-Day Tour in the United States and the joint statement was quite revealing:

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial

Both leaders visited the King Memorial in Washington.   Although it was quite striking to see coverage in US Media about "points of disagreement".    Exciting days are ahead though in India though as India is in the midst of elections season.   There is clearly work ahead though. 

In the United States, California enact the first plastic bag ban to once again show how it is at the forefront of change--as it was back in the late 70's with the tax Revolt movement, with marriage equality and many other ideas that have gained a foothold in the United States.    Many registered voters have also received their ballots already to begin the process of voting.

As the new quarter dawns, this admonitions are ever so crucial, though, to remember how we can work to transform our World-- the guiding  principles behind "Outsider":     

A good question is never answered.

It is not a bolt to be tightened into place

but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed

toward the hope of greening the landscape of idea.

- John Ciardi

We thought that we had the answers,
it was the questions we had wrong.
- Bono 

& not forgetting that: 
He who closes his ears to the views of others shows little confidence in the integrity of his own views.     William Congreve 

As the great Diane Nyad always notes: Onward to a new Quarter w/all its' possibilities....
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